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Seafight – Swashbuckle your way through treacherous seas to amass riches and fame

Embark on a dangerous journey through seas fraught with abominable sea beasts and scurrilous pirates. Forge your legacy

Pirates to the starboard side, monsters on the port! Man your stations, ready the cannons, sharpen the harpoons and fire a warning shot across her hostile brow! Blast a harpoon deep into the gullet of that floating monstrosity! And keep yer swashbuckling mitts on the hilt of your cutlasses. In Bigpoint’s hit adventure browser game Seafight you never know who or what’ll be attempting to board your outfit or attack your hull.
Aye, life on the ocean in Seafight is a rough mistress and you’ll not be leading her long without the proper size of stones, a slew of sound improvisational tactics to defeat your opponents, striking tenuous alliances with other players or without a deep set of coffers to outfit your vessel with the gear that’ll suit your style of marauding. Are you ready for Bigpoint’s sea-bound challenge par excellence? Spoils a plenty await thee from a variety of dangerous maps in Seafight should ye have the salt and mettle to vanquish hordes of malevolent opponents!
Be prepared for anything in Seafight: explosive naval battles, gigantic sea monsters, the need for quick thinking strategy, adventure and action – all in the time it takes for a barnacle to attach itself to your underbelly.

A fight it is, but you’ll not fight alone

The Seafight seas are a storied set of treacherous waterways that go way beyond the man-made confines of your standard browser game. Engage in massive sea skirmishes by joining a group of like-minded, and similarly skilled, players to dispatch of slimy sea beasts that’d otherwise be too strong to overcome. But ungodly abominations aren’t the only dangers lurking about the ocean in Seafight. Nay, the most perilous of foes you can face is a group of hostile enemy pirates sailing along in a redoubtable guild. But aye, just because you’re at sea don’t mean you can’t fight fire with fire! Join a guild and show your bands of enemies that if they don’t join you, they’ll get a first-hand look at the briny deep. Raise your guild flag on all sorts of Seafight maps, earn gold, honor and respect and create a reputation that’ll leave your foes trembling with fear.

Rewards aplenty for successful strategy

In Seafight you can strike the alliances you need and break them when it serves your aims. Or you can go it alone, before forging a partnership with a like-minded corsair. No matter the route you take, employ a suitable strategy tailored to maximize your captaining capabilities. Wanna tackle the oceans in Seafight on your own? Then you’ll not only need all the help you can get on deck, but it’ll take a fast ship with enough firepower to slip out of dicey situations without losing your load. Maybe you’re a pirate that prefers bombarding the enemy with heavy guns and decimate them in an ambush? Then you’ll need a fleet of friendly pirates to corner the enemy and get them in your sights. Or maybe you’re the most ambitious of swashbucklers and would like to forge your own legacy by inventing new strategies that seamen will be talking about for ages to come. No matter the tactic you choose for Seafight, a wise choice will bring with it a plethora of fame, riches and honor, while everything else will be met with nothing short of certain death.

Stand out from the crowd

Seafight lets you put your own touches on your floating fortress. Not only can you outfit your ship with features and equipment tailored to your swashbuckling battle style, but you can also sail the Seafight seas in an aesthetic style all of your own choosing. Choose from a host of various decks, cannons, harpoons, defenses, sails, seamen or voodoo. But it’s not all bare basics in Seafight. You can shroud your ship to sail the seas in style. Blend in with the lie of the land, announce your presence from the distance by trekking across the waters in a flamboyant plumage of gaudy colors or anything and everything in between.



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